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As a leading international translation services provider, 24translate has been connecting small and mid-sized German companies with the rest of the world for two decades. When expanding into new markets, global leaders such as tesa, Feintool, and ThyssenKrupp regularly rely on our technology and professional expertise. 24translate's customers enjoy 24/7 access to every aspect of our company's proven translation management system, which guarantees consistent quality and reliability.

Our translation categories

Every translation project is unique; the documents to be translated, the way they are used, and the service and quality requirements are extremely varied. The following translation categories are available to ensure that your translation flight with 24translate meets all of your requirements.

24 economy Quality

24 | economy


  • For tight budgetst
  • For internal use
  • For accurate content


  • Use of professional translators
  • Incl. proofreading
  • Automated quality assurance
  • Automated order monitoring
  • Language technology tools
  • Maximum data security and confidentiality

0,11 EUR
per word

24 business Quality

24 | business


  • For day-to-day business
  • For client- and project-specific requirements
  • For standard tone and style requirements
  • For external use
  • For accurate content and correct, consistent terminology


  • Use of specialised professional translators
  • Incl. editing
  • Automated and manual quality assurance
  • Automated and manual order monitoring
  • Specific language technology tools
  • Maximum data security and confidentiality

0,18 EUR
per word

24 first Quality

24 | first


  • When only the best is good enough
  • For premium client- and projectspecific requirements
  • For specific tone and style requirements
  • For external use
  • For flawless content and correct, consistent terminology


  • Use of subject matter expert translators
  • Incl. editing and revision
  • Extended automated and manual quality assurance
  • Extended automated and manual order monitoring
  • Specific language technology tools
  • Maximum data security and confidentiality

0,22 EUR
per word

Do you need an exclusive translation solution? Let’s upgrade!

For particularly individual quality requirements and regular, larger translation volumes, we can customise our translation categories in line with your specific needs. With 24|economyPlus, 24|businessPlus and 24|firstPlus, we can prepare a customised translation solution for you.



Going the extra mile:

our employees' dedication. Working round the clock, our employees can do it all, whether this means working in exotic language combinations, translating large quantities of text within a very short space of time, or coordinating large projects and providing additional text services such as website translations and translation certification.


Now as then, our core competency:

Specialist translations and text services for all industries and specialist fields and language combinations.
We enjoy an extremely low number of complaints at 24translate due to our innovative, self-developed tools and certified QM system.


Indispensable in today's age:

technical know-how and individualised software solutions.
Whether it is the electronic order portal, plug-ins or interface technology
for automated text transmission, our software ensures a seamless exchange, saving our customers both time and money.

Your specialist translation agency for all industries & fields

Specialist translations.Specialist translations. What does that mean? We guarantee that we will assign a translator specialising in whatever field your project falls under. Thanks to our large pool of translators and strict selection criteria, we can draw on recognised specialists in any industry or field. Learn more about our specialist translations and view a selection of our specialist fields here


Learn more about our specialist translations for banks and insurance companies, as well as the translation of financial documents.

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Industry & Technology

Learn more about our specialist translations for industries such as mechanical engineering, equipment manufacturing and automotive, as well as technical translations.

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Marketing & PR

Learn more about our specialist translations in the fields of marketing and public relations.

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Learn more about our specialist translations in the legal field, such as contracts or terms and conditions.

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IT & Telecommunications

Learn more about our specialist translations in the fields of information and telecommunications technology in particular, and digital in general.

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Human Resource

Further information on our specialist translations for human resources and human resource management, such as training documents, employee magazines or certificates.

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24translate in figures

Our services include:

Express translations

When you needed the translation yesterday.

Website Translations

Are you looking for a straightforward translation of your website?

SEO translations

Are you looking to ensure that your translated website(s) are optimised for Google & Co.?

Translation validations

Do your larger, multiple-party translation projects often lack sufficient oversight?

Text revision

Give your translation the finishing touch!


From our engineers: Plug-ins for your software system to guarantee quicker completion!


Are you looking to ensure that your marketing texts perform successfully abroad?

Exotic target languages

Do you wish to have your documents translated not only into English, but also into Hungarian?

Technical consultation

Technical advice and project management for more complex requirements

As an internationally active law firm, we depend on precise, specialist translations that can be delivered quickly and reliably. It is no accident that we continue to rely on 24translate as a service provider.

Since 2009, 24translate has supplied Media Saturn Holding with precise and discriminating translations for our European e-commerce roll-out.

Producing company reports is a highly time-sensitive business. We expect high quality within the quickest turn around time from our partners. The fact that we have entrusted 24translate with this task for many years That speaks for itself.

What do we appreciate about 24translate? They are reliable, quick, service-oriented and skilled!

Many thanks again for the excellent service — as always, very reliable, delivered on schedule and a quality piece of work!

24translate — Your premium translation agency

24translate is a premium translation agency based in Hamburg, focusing on the professional translation of specialist texts for business clients. In the world of business, convincing translations from a reliable translation agency are an absolute necessity. At 24translate, the quality of your translation is our top priority.

Many clients may ask themselves: Who needs another translation agency when I can get, say, a German/English translation free of charge from any number of online platforms? We believe that a translation agency holds a great responsibility, however: That of faithfully communicating your message. To this end, we have formulated and applied a set of quality guidelines,

including our proven 'native country principle': It is important to us that your translator lives also in your target region. Following the native country principle, we can guarantee that the language of your translation will be current. As a translation agency, we know that linguistic customs can change rapidly, often within the space of a few years. Moreover, a given language may differ greatly in speech and writing. Depending on whether it is intended for Spain or South America, a German-Spanish translation, for example, should be assigned to different translators. Our quality guidelines also include the '6-eyes principle', meaning your translation is reviewed by three qualified language specialists.

If you are in need of professional translation services or translation provider, you have come to the right place.

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