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With 330 million native speakers, 180 million speaking it as a second language and approximately 1.5 billion speakers worldwide, English is the lingua franca of our time. Along with German and Dutch, English belongs to the family of West Germanic languages. Due to its limited geographic reach early on, however, English developed largely independently of German and Dutch, taking greater influence from the North Germanic languages and French.

Specialist German - English translations by 24translate

One language, many branches

For English as a target language, customers can primarily choose between British and US English. On request, translations into other sub-languages, such as Canadian or Australian English, are also possible. As one of the largest translation agencies in Germany, 24translate draws from a particularly large pool of translators for English translations, possessing not only the experience, but also the necessary capacity to translate large volumes of text into English with limited turnaround time.

Specialist English translations

24translate provides translations from German into English and English into German according to our strict quality specifications. Moreover, we offer many other language combinations with English as a source or target language. For example, we can offer customers an English - Chinese translation at a much lower price than a German - Chinese translation.

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Other languages

24translate offers its customers a wide range of source and target languages. That way, you can receive all your translations from a single source!

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Industries & Specialised Fields

Learn more about our specialist translations in other industries & fields, such as marketing, technology & law!

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Express translations

You order, we deliver – if necessary within a few hours. Learn more about our delivery options!

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Website Translations

Are you searching for a reliable partner for your internationalisation strategy? Discover our website translation expertise for yourself!

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Quality Tiers

Our standard: two-step translations according to our '4 eyes principle'. Do you need a translation that is both stylistically perfect and specifically tailored to your target audience? If so, we also offer three-step translations.

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