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Website translation has long been one of 24translate's core competencies. Many companies increasingly view an international, multilingual website as their top marketing tool. To this end, websites must not only be readable, but also easily found. Working closely with SEO experts, 24translate developed an innovative, new product to meet this need: SEO translations

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When looking for specific products or services, search engine users predominantly select a website that appears on the first page of results. In order for a company's products and services to be found on the Internet by its target group(s), they must be attractive enough to search engines that they are listed under the first ten results — in every target country!


To ensure this result a number of measures must be taken, Many of these have to do with the page itself: Adjusting content and the use of certain keywords play a key role in this context. At the same time, it is important for these measures to be adapted to a specific target language and/or individual market. A straightforward translation rarely leads to success in this case, for the simple reason that not only the language, but also the search engines and the search habits of users in target countries can differ strongly from those in Germany. A translation that is correct in terms of content, will therefore not necessarily lead to success — considering the search volume of specific keywords, i.e. the number of search inquiries for a given term, is also important.

24translate's SEO process: how we work

As is the case with our other products and services, we take a modular approach to SEO translations, because not every measure makes sense for every customer and/or website. Thanks to a team of specially trained SEO translators and our innovative SEO software, we have the right solution for any problem. We would be happy to advise you personally!

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