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The technical accuracy and stylistic grace of a translation are without a doubt the most important conditions for a customer's satisfaction with their translation service provider. It is also necessary, however, to keep a customer's preparation and follow-up efforts to a minimum. Such efforts may arise, for example, when dealing with the large variety of different file formats that are used today, whether it is in their conversion to other file formats, or in subsequent reformatting.

Our solution: 24|xliff

Working alongside our sister firm 24technology, we have set ourselves the goal of reducing this workload. Our goal: make our software and processes compatible with all common file formats. Our solution was 24|xliff, a software program that makes it possible to edit almost all common software formats. 24|xliff converts clients' source texts into a format that is readable to all common translation systems, then converts them back into their original format after translation. What does that mean? Our customers send us their documents for translation and receive the finished translations in the same format, regardless of whether they are Word, PowerPoint, InDesign or XML files. This completely eliminates the need for customers to spend time on conversion and formatting.

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An overview of common document types

Learn more on the following sub-pages about the most common file formats that we support. If you don't see your format listed, please contact us — usually you'll find that at 24translate: 'There's no such thing as impossible!'

Text files

Whether your file is in Microsoft Word, OpenDocument or is a simple text file: We support all common text formats.

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Many of our customers use Excel sheets for their texts and translations. Accordingly, we also support this format.

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Are you looking to translate a presentation but want to spare yourself the effort of manually entering translations? No problem! Our translators will enter the finished text directly into your PowerPoint.

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Design files

Do you need brochure or flyer translations that are 'print ready'? Our in-house graphic designers will be happy to prepare them for you!

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Graphic files

24translate also supports the translation of text embedded in graphic files. You will find an overview of supported formats here.

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Software localisation

Software localisation refers to the adaptation of software to the linguistic and cultural conditions of other countries. Turn our experience in this field into your profit!

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