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Specialist translators

In addition to general legal expertise, our translators also specialise within specific legal fields. Are you looking to translate a sales contract, employment contract or an expert appraisal for the insurance? We will assemble a team with direct experience in translating texts from the relevant fields. The translation of a commercial power of attorney from German into French, for example, will be carried out by a team of translators specialising in both German and French civil law that is qualified to translate the terminology into the target language. For certified and apostillised translations, 24translate is able to draw from a large number of sworn translators.

Translations for all legal systems

Professional legal translators are not only experts in the legal terminology of their source and target languages, they are also familiar with the respective legal systems of each language's country or region. This is of fundamental importance as legal systems — and thus terminologies — in different countries can vary profoundly, and a legal translation must in each case be carefully adapted to its respective legal system. In these cases, re-writing may even be necessary.

We attach great importance to the quality of our specialist translations. For many companies, law firms and attorneys at law, we are the permanent point of contact for translations of legal texts.

Among other types of text, we translate:

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Security & confidentiality

Learn more about how we handle confidential documents and ensure your files' privacy at all times!

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Terminology management

Our glossary databases guarantee that the terminology within our legal translations is translated flawlessly, i.e. consistently with internal use and/or the respective legal field.

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Express translations

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Translation quality

Learn more about our working methods, rigorous vetting process for specialist translators and quality assurance measures!

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Text Services

Learn more about our text services including editing, proofreading and text revision.

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