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Why bother with a specialist translation?

A successful translation requires a skilled translator with a perfect command of both the source and target language. So far, so good. In order to produce high-quality translations, however, in-depth technical and industry-specific knowledge are also essential. Changes and technical advances in business, the sciences, and technology are constantly generating new terminology, legal requirements evolve, expressions shift in meaning — all are changes of which a good translator will be aware due to his or her intensive engagement with their field.

To this end, each of our translators specialises in individual fields or industries, and usually possesses technical training in addition to his or her linguistic training: A medical translator, for example, will have some form of medical training.

It is important to use specialist translators not only for terminological purposes; the tone of a given specialist field also matters greatly. While the translation of a technical or legal document should be precise and factual, for example, a marketing text requires a different approach; in this case the translator should have a knowledge of the product, but also show creativity and an ability to write persuasively.

Specialist translations in all fields from 24translate

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Industry-specific knowledge is essential for a successful translation. The classification of a text, however, depends on its nature. The translation of a work contract from the legal department of a telecommunications service provide should be prepared by a specialised legal translator, potentially one with a focus in employment law. A deep knowledge of the telecommunications industry, however, is probably not absolutely necessary in this case. A press release from an IT company, on the other hand, would be better handled by a translator specialising in press releases. We consider texts on two levels, then: at the industry level, and at the text level. Depending on the nature of the text, the translation is prepared by a translator specialising in the field to which the text corresponds.

Specialised Fields

With requests for translations growing ever more demanding and 'technical', specialisation in selected fields has become a necessity in order to meet customer expectations. We focus on the following fields of activity:


The cross-industry demand for high-quality financial translations continues to grow — not least due to increased global connectivity and European regulation. Place your trust in our experience!

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Industry & Technology

Small and mid-sized German companies are global leaders in the fields of mechanical engineering & automotive technology. Many of these 'Hidden Champions' have relied on specialist translations prepared by 24translate for their internationalisation strategies.

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Marketing & PR

Within the fields of marketing and public relations, 24translate's team of specialist translators assist clients with high-quality, targeted translations.

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Whether it is contracts, imprints or terms and conditions, 24translate draws on a team of translators with expertise in all common legal documents and areas of law.

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Consumer goods

Test our skills within FMCG/CPG and related sectors and industries!

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Human resources

Benefit from the experience of our specialist translators in the field of human resources / HR management!

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Further specialised areas

Does your text not fall into any of the areas we have specified? No problem — our expertise encompasses other fields as well: Whether it is a doctor's letter, instructions for pharmaceutical equipment, transportation plans or safety reports — our native translators possess specialist expertise in numerous fields and industries. Our account representatives will be happy to assist you.

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