Text revision: stylistic & technical revision by specialist translators

Technical and stylistic revision of translations

You aren't looking for a translation, but are not quite satisfied with your text? Contact us! There are many ways to revise a text without altering its message. Firstly, is important it to define what exactly is in need of revision. If the tone or style of an advertising text isn't to your liking for example, then a stylistic revision is called for. In this case, be sure to identify the text's intended audience. If on the other hand you are uncertain whether the technical terms in a specialised legal text have been used correctly and want to play it safe, then a technical revision is in order. In this case, a linguist specialising in the legal field would examine the technical terms and correct them if necessary.

Other types of text revision

Another form of text revision for websites is their optimisation for search engines, also known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). In this case, a text is revised linguistically in such a way that it appears as close to the top as possible in online search results (e.g. Google). We also offer proofreading services, i.e. the examination of a text for correct spelling and grammar. If the text in question is a translation and you have the source document, we kindly ask you to make this available to us; this will give our specialist translators a more complete understanding of the text. We offer text revision in numerous languages. We would be happy to advise you!

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Additional text services


Whether it is a source text or translation, editing is often an indispensable step towards elevating texts to an appropriate linguistic and orthographic level. 24translate's specialist translators will get the job done!

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In order to guarantee a consistently high level of translation quality, an additional round of proofreading following initial translation is essential. Learn more here!

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Transcreation ('TRANSlation' + 'CREATion') is a process by which specially trained translators adapt advertising materials to suit particular aspects of a given target group or cultural region. Learn more here!

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Are you looking to have your translations reviewed by colleagues working in branches and subsidiaries that are located in target countries? Find out more about our tried-and-tested validation process here!

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SEO translations

Do you want to make sure that your website is easily found on all major search engines, in every language? Discover our SEO expertise for yourself!

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