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A selection of special challenges & solutions

In the following section, we will periodically provide visitors to our website with an overview of special (technical) challenges posed by demanding translation projects, and outline our customised solutions in each case. The following examples are intended to underscore the importance we attach to pairing outstanding quality of translation with first-rate technical expertise, and ideally to serve as blueprints for similar translation projects in the future.

Website roll-out & connection to a central translation platform


Our client, tesa, wanted to localise their website in 17 languages. In the process, all source texts were to be edited first in order to improve the quality of translation. The particular challenge in this context, however, consisted in linking the client's CMS and other website systems to a central translation platform that not only mapped all workflows, but could also be linked to multiple translation agencies.

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Video production with Arabic translations

ARD Tagesschau in 100 Sekunden

For 'Tagesschau in 100 Sekunden', a popular programme broadcast across Germany on various network channels, we developed a highly automated translation workflow, significantly reducing the client's workload. In addition to developing a customised technical solution for the client and managing a variety of multimedia formats, this particular project also demanded high-quality translations delivered in quick turnaround times.

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TYPO3 Website Translation (20 languages) & translation validation

Aerzener Maschinenfabrik

This project focused on a multilingual (20 languages) corporate website and its management from the company's German headquarters. The particular challenge in this case lay not only in coordinating and producing a unique translation and validation of all site content, but also in ensuring an optimal workflow for future changes to the site using a TYPO3 plug-in.

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Converting a website to process-automated human translations

Steigenberger Hotels

In this instance, the task was to automate translation processes while maintaining full control over the translation content. Due to negative experiences with machine-made translations, the client wanted to switch to specialist translators for their website relaunch, and to carry out the entire project within their current CMS via an array of connectivity solutions. In order to further streamline the process, the client also needed to be able to make manual changes to the translated texts at any time.

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Our services include

Our Hamburg translation agency provides the following services, among others:

Specialised Fields

At 24translate, each translation is a specialist translation. What does that mean? We guarantee that we will assign a translator specialising in whatever field your project falls under.

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24translate works with more than 50 source and target languages — including important European languages such as English, French, Spanish and Italian as a matter of course.

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Text Services

In addition to its technical expertise, 24translate is distinguished by its 'Translation PLUS' approach: In addition to 'simple' translations, we offer additional text services such as editing, proofreading, validation and SEO translations.

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Website Translations

One of our core competencies: Marketing translations and technical solutions for website translation. Find out more here!

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Quality Tiers

Whether it is a two-step (standard), three-step, or in exceptional cases single-step translation process, 24translate offers its customers a range of quality levels designed to suit any kind of project.

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File formats

Thanks to its conversion software 24|xliff, 24translate supports all common file formats, and of course delivers all finalised translations in their original format.

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Express translations

You order, we deliver – if necessary within a few hours. Learn more about our delivery options!

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Certified Translations

In the case of legal translations, certified translations are often a requirement. For this reason, 24translate works with sworn translators who are qualified to prepare the requisite translations.

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Learn more about our translation memory and terminology management tools, and how to conveniently manage your orders via our personalised customer portals and 24|contenthub!

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Working in tandem with our sister company 24technology, our sophisticated interface technology can radically simplify our clients' translation management needs.

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