Terminology management via innovative terminology databases

What is terminology management?

Similar to translation memory systems, digital glossaries are administered by a terminology management system. Such a system stores all company-specific terms and their translations, ensuring translation consistency. Above all, this database helps to maintains the clarity and conclusiveness of the translated texts, an advantage that is of particular importance for marketing or PR translation. In order to take advantage of synergies and maximise translation quality, translation memory systems and glossaries are often closely aligned. For this very reason, 24translate and 24technology developed their own terminology management system in addition to 24|tcm: 24|term.

24|tcm in use

Every 24translate customer receives their own glossary. This is created prior to their first order then maintained continuously and supplemented by further terms over the course of our collaboration. All translators assigned to a specific company are given access to the company's glossaries, ensuring that each translation automatically uses the most current glossary. Customers also naturally have access to their individual glossaries, and can export these if they desire.

The advantages of a terminology management system

  • Uniform use of specialist terminology, leading to higher quality translations.
  • Centralisation of terminology and company know-how in a (virtual) location.
  • New translators can more quickly acquaint themselves with customer terminology.


Further in-house translation tools

Customer portals

Among other benefits, our (individually customisable) customer portals enable effortless order and invoice management.

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Translation memory system

Our self-developed translation memory system is an essential building block for the consistently high quality of our translations.

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Our centralised translation management platform incorporates all the functions of a modern translation management system, and can be expanded at any point via new modules.

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