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Professional technical translations and text services are the cornerstones of our business. Since its founding in 1999, 24translate has focused on building a network of translators, developing new technical solutions, automating its processes, training a skilled team of employees and constantly implementing quality controls — all with the goal of providing quality translations.

Professional specialist translations by 24translate.

Our most valuable resource: qualified, specialist translators

24translate currently works with more than 7,000 specialist native translators worldwide. Because we attach great value to the quality of our translations, all translators must take a test and meet our qualifications before being included in our database. In addition to some form of linguistic training such as academic study or professional experience, translators must also demonstrate expertise in their particular field. A legal translator, for example, will possess thorough legal knowledge within the country of the source language as well as the country of the target language. Our translators work exclusively within their areas of specialisation. Their work is subject to regular quality audits.

The on-site principle

Languages are constantly evolving. The translator of your text will not only be a native speaker — he or she will also reside in the country of the target language. This ensures their familiarity with contemporary practices and developments in the language, and results in a translation that is not only linguistically accurate, but also consistent with the current usage of the target language. This is an advantage whose benefit cannot be underestimated — in particular for marketing texts.

Professional specialist translations by 24translate | Quality & Privacy

Quality assurance & privacy

Since its inception, 24translate has focused on developing innovative technical solutions to ensure high-quality translations. To this end, we employ aides such as translation memories, glossaries and tools for verifying terminology.

A translation memory is a unique database furnished for each customer and/or each customer project that contains all translations created to date, making them available for future projects. Over the long term, this guarantees a high degree of consistency for your translations, even when those translations must be produced quickly due to time constraints.

Multilingual glossaries are prepared in close collaboration with the client, ensuring that company and industry-specific terms are translated according to internal company standards. In this way, translations can be used immediately, without a lengthy revision process.

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Professional specialist translations by 24translate | Project Management

Project management

Language is our passion. All of our project managers share a special affinity for languages and have completed degrees in linguistics — in some instances they are self-taught translators themselves! As such, they know exactly what the translation process involves. All you have to do is submit your text and communicate your wishes — we'll take care of the rest: From selecting a translator to file management, translation, proofreading, and, if necessary, layout and incorporating the terminology into a translation memory — your project manager will oversee your project every step of the way, saving you time and resources.

Our translation portfolio, at a glance:

Specialised Fields

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24translate works with more than 50 different source and target languages.

Text Services

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Website Translations

24translate's team of website translators are conversant with all aspects of website translation & localisation.

File Formats

Thanks to our smart conversion software, we support all common file formats.

Quality Tiers

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Certified translations by sworn translators with legal expertise

Express translations

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24translate — Your source for specialist translations

24translate's focus on corporate clients means we can offer a comprehensive range of specialist translations. A specialist translation in German and English must be not only linguistically perfect, but also technically correct. A specialist technical translation that fails to take industry terminology into account is not only inaccurate; it is incorrect and counterproductive. Therefore, when ordering a technical translation in German and English we provide customers with a large number of subcategories from which to choose. The same applies to other field, including legal, economic, etc. We offer specialist translations in German and English, but also in a host of less common languages: Altogether, 24translate works in 50 languages.

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