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Multiple linguistic challenges

Multi-language communication in human resource management (HRM) is facing numerous challenges due to globalisation. Employers depend on effective “employer branding” to present themselves as an attractive organisation to work for on a global level, and on job descriptions that attract the right candidates internationally. Internally, directives, regulations and training documentation must correctly inform and induct employees from a variety of countries and in a number of different company locations in relation to processes and internal workflows. From the employees’ point of view, perfectly phrased CVs, testimonials and covering letters are mandatory to succeed professionally on the competitive international employment market.

Globally one step ahead

The language services of 24translate equip you as a company or employee with everything you need to meet these challenges. Our specialist translators have comprehensive expertise in the area of human resources and can ensure that your presentation is as slick and professional as you need it to be. They are experts in the appropriate use of correct terminology, abbreviations and idioms in the target language. Our language services allow you to optimise the communicative effectiveness of your internal communication, and increase your chances of quickly finding the right candidate in the course of your recruitment procedures. We offer data exchange via API interfaces straight from your human resources and talent management systems to us, where required. Personal data is protected and treated confidentiality thanks to our security solutions.

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