Data security & confidentiality

Data security

24translate attaches particular importance to data security, and that not least because we work with many customers in the financial and insurance sectors. In general, our entire IT processes follow the methodology laid out in the German Federal Office for Information Security's IT baseline protection. For more information see:

Security through SSL encryption

We guarantee our customers the highest security standards available in the handling and treatment of their files. As a customer, you must be able to rely both on our discretion and secure handling of your documents. All of our translators have signed a confidentiality agreement that is valid for every translation. To ensure that your documents do not fall into the wrong hands, our data transmission features AES 256-bit SSL encryption. This elevated level of security is also used in online banking, for example. Your document does not leave our system from the moment we receive it up to the delivery of the finished translation. Logging in via encrypted connections, our translators process your translation directly within our system. The prepared translation is then also made available to project managers within the system, so that final acceptance can also occur directly from there. For security purposes, the otherwise common transmission of files via unsecured e-mail servers at no point enters our workflow.


Our translators are committed to absolute discretion. On request, we will gladly provide this guarantee in writing. It goes without saying that customers attach great importance to the discrete handling of their documents. Every translator working with 24translate has signed a confidentiality agreement ensuring precisely this. This service is completely free for you, and for us comes as a matter of course. On request, we will gladly provide a written certificate for sensitive translations stating that all persons involved will keep your records absolutely confidential.

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