Translating image files and illustrations

Translations for graphics and illustrations

Do you need a translation for an illustrated construction manual, but the text is embedded in an image file? No problem: We can translate the content of your GIF, PNG and JPG files. In order to to return client translations with the same layout, we use the InDesign format (INDD). To do so, we ask that you provide us with an InDesign package that contains an IDML export, as well as the fonts. Following translation, the file is then imported back into the InDesign format and layout is checked and adapted, if necessary. Galley proofs may also be useful to eliminate possible sentence and/or spacing errors. This is particularly so for texts that do not use Latin script and which are written from right to left, as with Arabic, Hebrew or Persian. These languages are supported with their own version of InDesign, which we can also work in if necessary. Are you looking for DTP? Contact us. Our in-house graphic designer will set your text in a print-ready format!

Among other things, we translate

Other common document types

If you don't see your preferred format, please contact us. Our IT specialists at 24technology can usually find a solution, even for uncommon file formats!

Text files

Whether your file is in Microsoft Word, OpenDocument or is a simple text file: We support all common text formats.

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Many of our customers use Excel sheets for their texts and translations. Accordingly, we also support this format.

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Design files

Do you need brochure or flyer translations that are 'print ready'? Our in-house graphic designers will be happy to prepare them for you!

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Are you looking to translate a presentation but want to spare yourself the effort of manually entering translations? No problem! Our translators will enter the finished text directly into your PowerPoint.

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Software localisation

Software localisation refers to the adaptation of software to the linguistic and cultural conditions of other countries. Turn our experience in this field into your profit!

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