Proofreading included: two-step translations (Better)

Our standard: Translation plus proofreading.

Our standard offer entails a two-step process: The text is translated by a specialist translator from a foreign language into the translator's native language. The finished translation is then proofread by a second specialist native translator. This proof takes place independently of the translation. While a translator can read over their own translation, it is simply the case that four eyes will see more than two. The translation receives final acceptance by an experienced project manager with linguistic training. As our standard product, two-step translations are ideal for any relatively straightforward text from a wide range of specialist fields, including different types of contract, technical documentation, operating instructions or packaging texts.

Additional service: interdisciplinary text revision

We recommend this option for any text that cannot be definitively assigned to one field. If, for example, the document is a commercial contract for specialised components, the translation will be done by a legal translator then revised by a translator specialising in mechanical engineering, with the latter focusing on the correct translation of technical terms.

Other quality levels in detail

Learn more about our different quality levels, and the specialist fields in which they are most frequently used!

Best (three-step)

For translations requiring true perfection, we offer a third stage of technical and stylistic revision.

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Smart (single-step)

In exceptional cases, a single-step translation may suffice. Learn more about when that applies here!

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