Standard delivery for translations

Delivery within 3-5 weekdays

The more time allotted for a given task, the better the result. Translation is no exception, although this does not mean that you should have to wait forever for a quality translation. A translator team consisting of a specialist native translator and a native editor can translate about 200 DIN lines per day. One DIN line corresponds to 55 characters of the Latin alphabet (including spaces). Depending on formatting, difficulty and language combination, we estimate between 4 to 5 weekdays for the translation of a 30-page annual report, for example. Larger and more complicated texts requiring translation in exotic language combinations will naturally take more time.

An overview of our delivery options

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Express delivery (3h+)

Customers placing express orders will receive their translation within a matter of hours.

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24-hour delivery

Depending on the time your place your order, if you opt for 24 hour delivery you will receive your translation the next weekday.

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48-hour delivery

With 48-hour delivery, we deliver a finished translation within two weekdays.

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