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Have you already hired your construction workers only to find out that they cannot work with a German blueprint the day before construction is set to begin? We will gladly translate your blueprint at short notice into your language of choice. As a general rule of thumb, a translator team consisting of a specialist native translator and a reviewer can translate about 200 DIN lines per day (a DIN A4-page fits about 30 DIN lines). Depending on the difficulty and the amount of repetition, a larger quantity of text is also possible. If, for example, you need a translation of a six-page blueprint from German to Polish, it can be delivered within 24 hours.

An overview of our delivery options

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Express delivery (3h+)

Customers placing express orders will receive their translation within a matter of hours.

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48-hour delivery

With 48-hour delivery, we deliver a finished translation within two weekdays.

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Standard delivery

Customers who select our standard delivery mode (no surcharge) can expect delivery of their translation — depending on the quantity of text — within 3 to 5 weekdays.

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