Expert editing by experienced editors & translation professionals

Professional editing can make all the difference in a text.

Are you uncertain whether your text needs editorial tweaking? If the text is a translation that was not prepared by a specialist native translator, professional editing is always recommended. Any text intended for publication in which style plays a role for that matter should be edited.

What does an editor do?

Our language experts are not only capable of translating demanding texts — their linguistic skill also qualifies them to edit texts. An editor focuses principally on orthography, grammar, expression and style. The more information he or she has about the text — its purpose and target audience, for example — the better they can adapt it to those ends. A good editor will therefore not only correct the objective errors in a text, but will also shape and optimise its style.

Who is responsible for editing my text?

As with our translations, linguists specialising in your specific field are assigned to your order. A specialist legal translator will edit contracts, for example, while a marketing specialist will handle a trade show flyer. Where the text to be edited is a translation, editors will compare texts to the original document if provided.

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In order to guarantee a consistently high level of translation quality, an additional round of proofreading following initial translation is essential. Learn more here!

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Text revision

On request, 24translate will gladly revise finished translations according to specific technical or stylistic (journalistic) criteria. Find out more here about our revision services!

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Transcreation ('TRANSlation' + 'CREATion') is a process by which specially trained translators adapt advertising materials to suit particular aspects of a given target group or cultural region. Learn more here!

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Are you looking to have your translations reviewed by colleagues working in branches and subsidiaries that are located in target countries? Find out more about our tried-and-tested validation process here!

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SEO translations

Do you want to make sure that your website is easily found on all major search engines, in every language? Discover our SEO expertise for yourself!

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