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It is debatable whether an innovative company absolutely needs a location in Berlin, Germany's capital and a current hub for start-ups. What is certain, however, is that the federal capital has attracted people from all over the world, making it the third largest city in the European Union despite a low birthrate. Many immigrants in Berlin enjoy an above average level of education, which has had a positive effect on the city's innovative ability. Besides its cultural and historical importance, in recent years Berlin has become the epicentre of the European start-up community. Among the most important reasons for this are relatively low wages and cost of living, paired with a high quality of life. Berlin's creative economy and the government sector play a central role in the life of the city, as does tourism, the construction industry, medical technology, the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology. That's why we decided to open a branch of our translation agency in Berlin in 2002. Approximately 10 24translate employees currently work at our offices in the vibrant Friedrichshain district, developing innovative translation solutions. Among others, this office prepares translations for the construction and communication industries.

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24translate Germany GmbH & Co. KG
Boxhagener Str. 16, 10245 Berlin Tel.:
+49 (0)40 480 632-0Fax:
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Our services include

Among others, 24translate provides its customers with the following services:

Specialised Fields

Always tailored to the customer needs: Our network of experienced specialist translators covers nearly every industry & specialist field.

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Whether it is a straightforward English translation or an exotic language combination: With more than 50 source and target languages, we have a solution.

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Text Services

From straightforward translations to our '100% worry-free package' complete with proofreading, editing or revision: 24translate offers a wide range of text services from a single source.

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Website Translations

Are you searching for a reliable partner for your internationalisation strategy? Discover our website translation expertise for yourself!

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Quality Tiers

Our standard: two-step translations according to our '4 eyes principle'. Do you need a translation that is both stylistically perfect and specifically tailored to your target audience? If so, we also offer three-step translations.

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File Formats

Thanks to its conversion software 24|xliff, 24translate supports all common file formats, and of course delivers all finalised translations in their original format.

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Express translations

Whether it is our standard delivery time of 3-5 days or express translations delivered within a few hours: You order, we deliver!

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Certified Translations

Sworn translators are often a requirement in the legal world. On request, 24translate can provide certified translations for a wide range of specialist fields!

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Learn more about our translation memory and terminology management tools, and how to conveniently manage your orders via our personalised customer portals and 24|contenthub!

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Are you looking to save time and money by automating your translation management? Learn more about our interface technologies!

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