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Advanced translation management: our translation automation platform

Improved translation quality and shorter time-to-market

24|contenthub is a platform that enables the problem-free end-to-end translation management of internationally operating companies. The goal of 24|contenthub is to accelerate the publication process. To this end, software systems used by the customer for content production (PIM, CMS, shop systems etc.) are seamlessly integrated into the 24|contenthub platform. On the other hand, all translators and proofreaders working for the customer, whether they are freelancers or full-time employees, are integrated into a centralised platform.

Contenthub - Connected Worlds

We remove technological barriers to expedite global communication and put the focus back where it belongs: your business!


contenthub addresses key problems in translation management

  • Reduced turnaround times and manual workloads when translating the content of marketing systems
  • Centralised procurement
  • Introduction of uniform quality standards for translations
  • Reduced process and translation costs
  • Improved process transparency
  • Greater flexibility and ease for the user

Further in-house translation tools

Customer portals

Among other benefits, our (individually customisable) customer portals enable effortless order and invoice management.

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Translation memory system

Our self-developed translation memory system is an essential building block for the consistently high quality of our translations.

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24translate makes extensive use of regularly updated glossaries to ensure consistency in our translations and our adherence to customer-specific terminologies.

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